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lolfgt Your House Is A Shitshow: The Real GG Soap Opera

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I didn't know about this.
"...it was killing me..." lol, bullshit, she acccepted a mod job easily enough.
Teh really knows how to pick the best mods for her site, the only skill needed is to agree with her huge fucking list of rules, and say "yes Liz, that's a great idea, nom nom nom..." while eating her ass out.

She literally drilled the reasons into me, on why I should never make AJ staff at DZ. For months after AJ reported the NZ shooting, I was arguing with the mods at darkzone for taking AJ's side, all of the info getting fed to me by Teh, then she modded her without telling me.

Made me look like such a cunt. I'd been backing up @TehBitch and arguing for GoreGrish for over 6 months, it pitted me against my mods and it was all based on my trust for Liz.
I got told by Squid and I thought he was high. So I asked Teh and she said "Oh, I forgot to tell you"

I found out she'd been lying to me about a lot more stuff too, all the while I'd been fighting her corner and putting my rep on the line.
That was the reason I stepped down from Darkzone, I'd been backing Liz with her fighting with AJ, and I'd told the other DZ staff that they had to take my word about AJ reporting GG. I'd seen the evidence, but wasn't allowed to disclose what it was because Liz promised people to keep it secret.

I told the DZ mods and Admin that if they can't trust me on my word then we're going to have a problem, turned out the problem was mine.
I had to step down after that, Teh knew what the situation was but made AJ staff without saying shit to me. The Darkzone was closed within the month.
Tl;Dr as usual 🥱