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Used 2 Guns To Kill Himself

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Sometimes life aint fair kiddo..
Suicidal shots fired simultaneously to the head from two handguns are rare. The authors report about a recent case in which a Smith & Wesson cal. 9 mm pistol and a Smith & Wesson cal. .357 Magnum revolver were used. Sitting on a sofa, a 33-year-old man (member of a shooting club) fired two simultaneous shots to the head; the pistol held in the left hand was discharged into the left temple, and the revolver held in the right hand was fired into the mouth.

Both weapons remained in the respective hands. An upside-down muzzle imprint in the left temporal region and recoil injuries of a mandibular incisor, and the lower lip indicated that both the pistol and the revolver had been held in an inverted manner at the time of discharge. Blood stains (backspatter) and gunshot residues were present on both firing hands, whereas forward spatter originating from the exit wounds was deposited on the wall behind the suicide’s head.


i do not know. may be he had an extremely tiny brain and so just wanted to make sure that at least one bullet grazes it. instead of just going all the way through without doing any damage lol

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the gun is locked open you never see a suicide with only enough ammo to do the job pretty much every time they have a full mag, pretty neat you dont see that often
I love the things some people pick up on . Very nice additional scene setter there