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Travis Alexander Crime Scene Photos – Murdered by Ex Girlfriend Jodi Arias


renee from paris

Internet Warrior
Damnn... I didn't know his body was SO DAMAGED, why are people that still defends her? wtf. Ah wait... because she's hot xd simps gonna simp ._.
defend her cos they fancy the blonde maniac bitch lol

Renee from Paris

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I actually live in Idaho by Utah and these Morons are seriously fckd up people and that shit is TRUE 💯
They think they are still virgins if they only do anal.
He was a Narcisstic liar and he fucked over the wrong bitch. Karma.
your full of shit you dickhed loser


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I bet she killed him fer havin a small winkie ;) Lol. I never heard about this actuallly. Dude does have a small winkie though.....
I'm more thrown off by her pussy lips. Shit looks like dog treats you'd buy at the pet store. Why dey look like that??