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how would you want to get murdered?


Fucking Fur Fags...
Relatively quick and painless but also in such a way that the police and crime scene cleaners will talk about for many many years to come. Then, once the photos are finally leaked onto here and elsewhere I can live on in infamy with an obscure top text/bottom text meme


Jenkem Gangster
I’d like to die riding a nuclear bomb.
I want someone to take me by the hand and lead me somewhere else. Tell me he wants to show me something special. I want him to suddenly grab me from behind, and hold me tight so I couldn't break free even if I tried. And then pull out the blade and drag it firmly across my throat, artery to artery. I want him to lay me down on the ground and tell me I've gotten what I wanted while I drown in my own blood and gurgle. And then I want everything to disappear.
Think you could do it? 🙂I live in Florida, and I want my dreams to come true. =)


Internet Warrior
I want to be set on fire and burned alive. Being doused in gasoline, lit up, and having more squirted onto me while i'm burning to keep me going good. I'll try to survive for as long as i can on fire to make it last longer. If i have the opportunity, i'd love to go down on a woman who lights me on fire, and i don't stop, just burn alive while eating her out and hopefully entertain her friends who are watching. I would hope that a video is posted of it.