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Game suggestions please

Della whipz

Just looking for suggestions on some fun co-op games . In strict lockdown here so going out is currently not an option and me and the dude have started co-op gaming more . Hes really good at all games a nerd type. Me , Im a bit shit to average. ( he has every single console ever from a speak and spell to ps5) but we have 2 pcs in the same room, and 2 switchs so can local co-op too

So far weve played Sea of Thieves, and have pretty much done everything in that and just wait for updates, totally love the game
Wow ( I find wow a bit boring and easy and it looks like shit)
Elder Scrolls, too easy and repetitive
Don't starve together
sven coop bag of wank but he loves that shit

There are more but just platformy stuff like battle block theatre, which are great fun, but Im needing something more open worldy, fighty, explory , puzzly even..

currently playing far cry 5 and almost done ( have got 6 ordered) I think this game is fucking wonderful and I d love something similar. I think fc5 is so much fun and so immersive and would love something similar, open world.. where you can fight or can search for stuff etc etc

must be compatible with rum. any suggestions most welcome . Thanks <3
Have you played dark souls 1.2,3 or bloodborne they are good co.op games