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Feral Thug Running Over Parade Goers In Wisconsin.

Aries C. Jester

esti oli achristoi. Είστε όλοι άχρηστοι.
Hopefully, this shitstain will rot but expect the BLM tards to decry racism and shit.

Authorities in a Milwaukee suburb continued overnight to deal with the aftermath after a red SUV plowed into Christmas parade marchers and spectators Sunday evening, striking more than 20 adults and children.

Some fatalities occurred at the Waukesha event, police Chief Dan Thompson told reporters at an evening news conference, according to FOX 6 of Milwaukee.

Waukesha city officials early Monday confirmed that at least five people had died and more than 40 suffered injuries. However, they warned that both numbers could change.

Chilling videos on social media showed the SUV plowing into parade participants, with screams audible from those who witnessed the horror. Other videos showed people running to the aid of the injured people.

"Oh my God!" a woman shouts over and over in one video, after a group of girls in Santa Claus hats and waving white pompoms is struck. Another video shows members of a marching band being hit, The Associated Press reported.

UPDATE: Horrific Video Of Immediate Aftermath Of WI Parade Attack Leaving 5 Dead, Over 40 Injured