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~Bizarre Suicide By Hydraulic Press~


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Well I for one am really imPRESSED...don't you have to hold the lever down for the ram to keep moving?

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Serbia~ A 63 year old mechanic, diagnosed with schizophrenia, was released from a psychiatric clinic to spend a weekend with his family. According to the police reports, his son heard a noise from the workshop, and when he went to investigate, he found him dead next to the hydraulic press machine. The decedent was in a sitting position, bent towards the machine, with his head between the piston and the pressing plate. As his left cheek was placed on the pressing plate, his body turned slightly to the left, and his flexed left arm was on the lever beneath the machine pedestal.

Pic#6~~the entrance wound was in the right temporal area. The surrounding skin was heavily bruised. After removing a skin flap, skull fractures and lacerated brain tissue visible

Pix #8#9#10~~Impalement canal and lacerated brain. Small bone fragments found impressed in brain tissue.
Fractured bones of skull after brain removed, piece of earlobe imprinted onto inner left temporal bone.

:death::poison::ko: This suicide came as a shock to the family, who had no idea why he would kill himself in such a bizarre manner.

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just could not take living no more ingenious but messy end