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**The Chat Box**

All Forum Rules must be followed in ALL CHAT ROOMS!

There are (2) chat rooms on Goregrish.

OR you have the option to make your own private room.

The Underground FLH CHAT ROOM:
Users can poke,tease,flame,be lame hate,troll..debate politics, religion etc.. until your balls fall off.. knock yourself out!


The GG Safe Space Room:
This room is intended for those that wish to engage with others in a non FLH environment.

No trolling, no flaming, no personal attacks will be tolerated!!

If ANY user violating this will be PERMANENTLY BANNED from BOTH CHAT ROOMS.!!

The following will get you PERMANENTLY banned from the site and chat:
  1. Child Porn Videos or Images.
  2. Child Abuse Videos or Images.
  3. Bestiality Videos or Images.
  4. Pedo Comments towards another user and staff.
  5. Animal Cruelty/Torture Videos or Images.

Other Guidelines:

PI Posted in chat, will be a PERMANENT BAN from GG or be PERMANTLY sent to THE SHORT BUS!

No spamming of music videos, especially when others are engaging in conversations.There is a MUSIC thread on the forum for that purpose.

Non staff members will NOT badger new members for a age checks. Staff only will ask for proof.
No baiting another member into calling you a pedo will be allowed.

If any user is threaten or harrassed in chat please contact a staff member.

ADDENDUM: (Updated June 2021)

If you do MASS negative reactions to comments in CHAT or posts on the FORUM, your reactions will be disabled.